Romance SPIF Program
(Sales Performance Incentive Fund)

Romance SPIF is an exciting incentive program from KIM to help our Romance dealers recognize and reward outstanding performance of their sales staff. The Romance SPIF Program is available to qualifying Romance dealers – at absolutely no cost to the retailer.



Step 1 – SIGN UP

Qualifying Romance dealers can sign up for our Romance SPIF program by clicking on this link – Please note you must be logged-in to your KIM account before accessing the SPIF signup page.

Designate a SPIF administrator (owner or store manager recommended). Your SPIF administrator will be our main point of contact for program updates and other communications.

Register all your sales staff, their e-mail addresses and mobile numbers (for future Gift Card delivery by text).. Select the default gift choice from our list of national merchants for each sales staff. Please note you also have an option to pick a different gift card each time you report a sale.


Each time a Romance product is sold at your store, please report the sale at by entering pertinent sales information. To enter sales of a previously un-registered sales person at your store, please visit Once we receive your sales report, an e-mail confirmation will be sent out to both your SPIF administrator and your selling sales personnel.

Sales report must be submitted within 30 days of sale date.


You now have an option to quickly re-order the items that were recently sold. If the item you are reporting as sold qualifies for FAST REORDER, you will be given an option to reorder the item at the time of the SPIF sales entry (in step 2) for these great benefits:

For the store sales staff

In addition to regular SPIF rewards, get EXTRA $10 for engagement rings and $5 for wedding bands

For the store

Increase your inventory by quickly restocking your fast sellers 120 day terms on the items re-ordered thru this Fast Reorder Option Free ground shipping via UPS


Your selling sales person will receive a gift card via e-mail (or text – in the future) from the merchant of his/her choice within two (2) weeks of reporting the sale. For each Romance engagement ring sold, a $25 ($35 if Fast Reorder Option used) gift card will be sent. For each Romance wedding band sold - a $15 ($20 if Fast Reorder Option used) gift card will be sent.

If the sold ring or band is returned to the dealer AFTER we have already sent the SPIF gift card, then the selling sales personnel’s SPIF account will be charged.

If you prefer to receive an actual gift card by mail, please contact us.

Terms and conditions of our SPIF program

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a KIM customer – but not a Romance dealer, can I sign up for the Romance SPIF Program?

The Romance SPIF Program is only available to qualifying Romance dealers and only the Romance Collection and custom/modified engagement rings & bands are eligible for SPIF reward(s). If you are interested in becoming a Romance dealer, please contact us.

Do all Romance dealers qualify for the SPIF Program?

The Romance SPIF Program is available to all qualifying Romance dealers.

What’s the cost to me, the Romance dealer?

Absolutely nothing. KIM is offering the Romance SPIF program to boost our brand loyalty and reward outstanding performance of thousands of hard-working sales personnel of our Romance dealers. We believe it will be a WIN-WIN-WIN for everyone.

What’s the new Fast Re-Order Option?

It’s a quick and convenient way to re-order the item that was sold by your store. Both the store and the staff will get receive fabulous benefits by re-ordering the item thru our new Fast Re-Order Option. The store will receive 120 day terms AND Free ground shipping for the order. Your staff will receive additional SPIF gift amounts.

You simply click on the option when prompted. Please note not all items will qualify for Fast Reorder Option.

Which items qualify for Fast Re-Order?

  • Item was purchased by your store within the past 6 months
  • Item is currently a regular, active item with KIM
  • Custom or special items do not qualify

What if my customer returns the ring after the SPIF benefit was already received by my sales personnel?

Please call us and let us know so that we can properly charge that sales personnel’s SPIF account. This will allow us to reward the next sales personnel that “re-sells” that ring. If the DEALER does not report the return – we will not be able to pay the SPIF benefit again on the same item.

We signed up for your previous Romance SPIF program, what’s the difference?

Previously, your sales personnel earned “KIM BUCKS” that accrued for future redemption of KIM products. We listened to many sales personnel who said they would rather receive instant rewards. Furthermore, many told us that they would rather earn rewards from well-known retailers like Target, Apple, etc.

We are already signed up for the previous Romance SPIF program. Do we still need to sign up again?

Yes. Even if you have previously signed up for the Romance SPIF program, we still need your store to go thru the sign up process by visiting This is so that we have the correct information of your store personnel and their e-mail addresses in our system.

So what happens to our staff’s previously earned KIM-BUCKS?

Your staff can redeem the accrued KIM-BUCKS for merchandise at KIM as before.

Alternatively, we will be glad to convert the existing KIM-BUCKS to a gift card of equivalent value. Each KIM BUCKS will be equivalent to $0.70 gift card value. We will convert a minimum of $10 equivalent gift card value in increments of $5. For example, let’s say Jane (one of your sales personnel) has earned $441 in KIM-BUCKS. Jane could choose to buy $441 worth of KIM merchandise – or convert it to $305 worth of gift cards from a national retailer.

Please contact us at 800-275-5555 Ext 212 when you wish to make the conversion. We will hold the KIM-BUCKS in your previous account until December 31, 2016. After that date, all previously earned KIM-BUCKS will expire.

Can my sales personnel choose a gift card from another merchant than the ones you have listed?

For security and simplicity, we are only offering rewards from listed merchants. We plan to add more merchants, based on your future request.

Romance SPIF Program Details / Terms and Conditions

  • The Romance SPIF Program is offered to current, authorized Romance Chairman, President and Elite level dealers in good standing (“DEALER”) with Kim International Manufacturing, L.P. (“KIM”)

  • Owners, partners and other principals of the DEALER are not eligible to earn SPIF rewards.

  • Application for the Romance SPIF Program is subject to acceptance by KIM.

  • DEALER is required to designate a single SPIF Administrator to whom we will send all communications regarding the Program.

  • DEALER is required to follow and adhere to the terms of Romance Dealer Agreement.

  • Sales personnel may not assign or transfer rewards to another person.

  • KIM will not replace lost or damaged Gift Cards.

  • DEALER is required to report the actual retail sales within 30 days. Sales not reported within the 30 day period will not be eligible for reward.

  • DEALER is required to report any return of the item returned to the dealer (after being reported sold). This will allow us to properly charge the SPIF account of the selling sales personnel. We will “deduct” the charged amount from the sales personnel’s next SPIF reward transaction.

  • KIM may modify the terms and conditions or cancel the Romance SPIF Program at any time without further notice.